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Norman Berger & Partners has since 1968 earned an undisputed reputation for providing professional legal services of the highest standards. The firm prides itself on representing clients in complex matters many of which have set legal precedent in South Africa.

The firm focuses on developing personal and loyal relationships with clients and colleagues and of delivering legal services of the highest standard while adopting in the interest of our clients a cost awareness approach.

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We accept instructions in most areas of law but in particular in matters requiring litigation in the High Court as well as the administration of deceased estates, conveyancing and other specialist property related matters. The attorneys within the firm are all specialist litigators and we also have conveyancers and a notary.

Current Leading Cases

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This landmark case establishes beyond any doubt that lawyers are not allowed to charge clients on an illegal percentage agreement but must, if they want to charge a percentage, make a full disclosure of all the risk factors to the client beforehand.

In this case Ronald Bobroff & Partners, a well known Johannesburg law firm, who entered into an illegal percentage contingency fee agreement with their client, notwithstanding the claimed expertise of its senior lawyer, were brought to heel by the court and ordered to draw a proper account. The court also ordered them to pay all the costs!

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News 2: DUMA & Others v RAF

In this case Norman Berger & Partners representing four accident victims together with the Road Accident Fund and the Health Professions Council participated in an Appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal which dealt with the procedure to be followed in establishing whether an injury is serious in terms of the Road Accident Fund Amendment Act.

The Amendment Act was not a model of clarity and the Judgment provided a clarification of the procedure to be followed. A victory not only for the clients represented by us but all seriously injured road accident victims.

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News 3: PAIXAO v RAF

A life changing and law changing case for Ms Paixao. Unmarried heterosexual people involved in a committed permanent life partnership now have the same rights to sue for loss of support caused by the wrongful death of their partner / breadwinner. This was the first case of its kind involving heterosexual couples brought before the SCA.

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A landmark ruling in which it was held that and offers made by the Road Accident Fund to settle the cases of two small children should be set aside because those offers were not in the best interests of those children – even though this happened in 1999! A victory for the rights of children and child road accident victims. This judgement was upheld on appeal by the supreme court of appeal.

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